Online Program

Online Classroom Program for JEE/NEET/Boards is a comprehensive and exhaustive online program conducted by kota's best teachers.

Classroom Program

Year long classroom program for iit jee, neet and pre foundation

Residential Program

Residential program Vyas edification is first among all institutions in kota to provide residential coaching for iit jee,Neet and boards.

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07 July

From the Director's Desk

“VYAS aims to develop genuinely inclusive, prosperous, and diverse academic opportunities for your child to enlighten the new-age minds and shape future leaders. We have the firm hand on the pulse of children’s requirements and have the best approach to blend the innovation with the most exponential setup for helping millions of parents in getting an excellent education for their child. Behind the VYAS outstanding educational setup, there is a team of young professionals, which understands the needs of today’s child, and possesses the strong adaptability, enthusiasm, and mentoring abilities. We are happy that our inclusive, holistic, and personalized approach and educational setup is not producing the book worms but the most responsible and talented individuals.”